The English Edition

Structure - Clarity - Flow - Style

Scientific Writing and Editing in the Biological Sciences

Submitting a well-written, polished manuscript or grant will give your work the best chance of being published or funded. But the importance of clear scientific writing goes beyond that: effectively communicating ideas should be what science is all about.

Manuscripts, grants, abstracts, posters, presentations, and theses are more likely to be successful and have an impact on your field if your message is clear and concise.

The English Edition helps researchers improve the quality of their writing projects with four types of services:

Basic structure, grammar, punctuation, and word usage

Critical Editing
Logical flow, organization, clarity, and concision

Individual Writing Consulting
Support and assistance throughout the writing process to build writing skills and produce an excellent text

Having an editor that understands the details of your work is essential. With a PhD and postdoctoral experience, I specialize in the life sciences, including:

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