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What my clients say

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Feedback from editing clients

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"I am happy to inform you that a revised version of this manuscript has now been accepted for publication. We all are very happy about that and I want to tell you that you did a great job."

"Thanks for your hard work!"

"Merci infiniment pour votre aide...nous ferons certainement à nouveau appel à vos services."

Feedback from a reviewer of an edited manuscript

"This paper is very well written..."

Feedback from writing workshop participants

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"This workshop forced me to re-think about my scientific writing. It helped me to focus on useful contents while writing rather than giving unnecessary information."

"I started to look at my manuscripts from another 'reader’s' side and I realized that I have to do a lot of changes to make it clearer.

"This is really useful and helped me a lot to improve my style."

"The workshop is really good with clearly delivered information- I haven’t taken any similar workshop before."