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Scientific Writing Workshops

Would you and your laboratory or colleagues like to improve your writing skills? Do your grad students or postdocs need help writing clearly about their work?

1-hour Seminar | 3-hour Workshops | 6-hour Workshops

All seminars and workshops can be held at your institute during the day or evening with a flexible schedule. Sessions are highly customized, using examples and exercises from your institute's recent publications. For the workshops, participants are encouraged to bring their own texts to work on, but exercises will also be provided.

Sessions are available worldwide.

For further information, pricing, and reservations, please contact me.

1-hour Seminar

Scientific Writing with Style

An overview of effective writing of scientific documents such as research manuscripts and proposals. We will discuss common problems with scientific texts, techniques to improve structure and clarity, and other tips to make your reader's life easier.

3-hour Workshops

Maximum 8 participants

Effective Scientific Writing I: Style at the Paper Level

A hands-on workshop on paper style and structure. Focusing your research question and creating an effective argument that convinces the reader and expresses the importance and relevance of your work.

Effective Scientific Writing II: Style at the Sentence Level

A hands-on workshop on sentence and paragraph style and structure. We will discuss the reasons why scientific writing is often confusing, and how to write a clear and logical text that allows the reader to easily follow your ideas.

6-hour Comprehensive Workshops

Maximum 8 participants

Writing Research Papers with Style

A detailed, hands-on workshop on effective scientific writing, focusing on research manuscripts.
-Using your main message to structure a paper
-Clarifying the logical flow of your supporting arguments
-How sentence structure can make a text incomprehensible (and how to fix it)
-Being concise and reducing the sprawl of long sentences

Writing Funding Applications with Style

A detailed, hands-on workshop on effective writing with a focus on project proposals for PhD/postdoc scholarship applications and grants.
-Reasons applications are rejected
-How to express your research question clearly
-Framing the importance of your work
-Writing a clear and logical proposal
-Being concise