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Who I am

Patricia Gongal

A scientist with a passion for clear communication

I'm Canadian and completed my PhD at the University of Alberta, Canada, studying the regulation of cell signalling during early patterning of the vertebrate nervous system. I then completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris, France, studying transcriptional regulation and enhancer function (and learning French).

Along the way, I’ve worked on E. coli, zebrafish, and mouse, published 6 papers, presented research at 14 international conferences, peer-reviewed a number of papers, and written 8 successful project-based fellowships and grants over my 8 years in research.

I always enjoyed writing, and during my postdoc, I began editing papers, originally as favors for colleagues, and then as a hobby. I began studying the principles of language and composition, and used these ideas to develop and teach classes on effective scientific writing for researchers.

I think every published paper should be clear, concise, and comprehensible, and I love the process of transforming a scientific text, so that instead of being buried in tangled sentences, great results and ideas shine. Because of this, I decided to leave the bench and work to improve scientist-to-scientist communication full-time. You can read more about my mission and philosophy here.

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