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What is the value of a Professional Editor?

Your document is a sum of the time and money invested in your research. It represents hundreds of hours of your effort plus the cost of reagents, equipment, and facilities. Yet for many scientists, writing is an afterthought in the scientific process.  Why not invest from the beginning to make your papers the clearest possible?

Your work will be judged on its scientific merit, but if your reviewers can't easily follow your explanations and interpretations, they might not recognize the importance and value of your research. Clear and effective scientific writing is rarely taught to scientists, but an easily understandable paper or grant is much more likely to be successful.

Working in English as a second language poses additional challenges with grammar, structure, and word choice, but effective writing is much more than correct grammar. It requires an understanding of the principles of communication, and how these can be applied to complex scientific texts. For your documents where quality is key, consider a professional editor who understands your research, and will invest time and expertise to take your writing to the next level.

Full description of services and rates

For about the cost of an enzyme, an antibody, or a case of filter tips, I will polish and clarify your manuscript, giving it maximum impact and the best chance of success. Professional editing services aren't limited to papers: I also work with grants, abstracts, posters, presentations, and theses.

Examples of the journals in which my clients' papers have been published in the last year:

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